Emergency ‘GO’ App

“Ensuring Organisations Respond to Emergencies On The ‘GO’”

Gone are the days of paper-based emergency plans which are impossible to find and interpret when staff are under pressure of an emergency unfolding. Imagine….a power failure to your building with no communication equipment available, you can barely see where you are going with minimal emergency lighting and panicked staff? This is a problem when you need to locate your emergency procedures or to communicate with other members of the response team.

The solution? It’s in your hand and ready to work! Our innovative emergency response smartphone application ‘Emergency GO’ which is capable of guiding your team step by step to the response required as per your procedures.

It also includes:

  • Easy to navigate options save time in an emergency

  • Consistent response to all emergencies within the organisation

  • Advanced communication options including all-user broadcast (messaging)

  • Easy to use checklists to ensure nothing is missed

  • Emergency event reporting to document times and actions taken

  • Crisis Communication, Business Continuity and Security Management modules (optional)

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