Crisis Management

“Reputation Management is Paramount When A Crisis Hits”

All too often, leaders within companies, organisations and governments involved in a crisis have had to learn the hard way that major disruptions, or events once seemed unthinkable, can become a reality. Whether it be death caused by an accident within the workplace, share prices declining due to a failed takeover, a major environmental catastrophe such as an oil spill, or toxic food and medicines leading
to boycotts and community outrage, the attention quickly falls on the organisation responsible and other perceived ‘guilty parties’.
Thanks to the internet and social media, information about a situation or a crisis in Sydney can reach Dubai, London or Moscow within minutes. In many cases, details will often be grossly exaggerated by the media before any official comment can be made and a “No Comment” approach just doesn’t cut it anymore.

Our team of consultants have the skills and knowledge to ensure that your organisation is ‘Crisis Ready’ by implementing the following strategies:

Preparation of assessments and audits to identify threats and risks that can impact your organisations operations and reputation.

Establishment of Crisis Management Frameworks including your Crisis Management Team (CMT), Redundancy Processes, Systems and Spokespersons.

Testing your Crisis Response Plan to ensure operational effectiveness

Review the plans on a regular basis and make changes where needed to remain ‘Crisis Ready’ at all times.

Our team can prepare your Spokespeople to have communication resources ready at any given moment to respond to media whether it be internet blogs, company website, news media and media conferences.

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