“We Understand That Our Team Is Your Frontline Ambassadors”

At Vital Protection Group, we understand that first impressions count. For this reason, our Concierge services focuses heavily on the quality of the service and presentation of staff who may be required within the commercial and residential environments. With a friendly and helpful attitude our team are ready to assist at all times.

Every Security Concierge must pass the same screening and training requirements as all of our other security officers.

In addition to the security provided by our officers, our concierge will:

  • Greet your tenants, guests and contractors

  • Monitor the arrival of guests and ensure the safety and security of the building

  • Provide security outside of the building and notify the proper authorities when tenant safety is a concern

  • Respond to emergencies such as fire and medical maintaining order and assisting tenants to follow proper procedures to ensure safety

  • Attend to all building emergencies

  • Providing access to cleaners and maintenance personnel

  • Supervise special deliveries

  • Maintain the tidiness of common areas

  • Manage the arrival and departure of guests

  • Handle noise complaints

  • Monitoring of the surveillance camera

  • Key minding

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