Emergency Training and Exercises

“Realistic, Site Specific Emergency Exercises”

Once our team have fine-tuned your organisations Emergency Management Plan, it is now time to test the response capability of your Emergency Control Organisation (Wardens).

Emergency Planning Committee (EPC) Consultation

The Emergency Planning Committee (EPC) under Australian Standard 3745-2010 is responsible for the development, implementation and maintenance of the emergency plan, review of emergency response procedures and related training. It is for this reason the EPC plays a vital role in the preparation and review of the emergency plans and the emergency control organisation (ECO) to ensure a state of emergency readiness at all times.

Rest assure, our team can facilitate these meetings so all members understand their role and become confident to conduct  these meetings to make the necessary changes where required.

Warden Awareness Session

We will deliver a face-to-face session to cover the resources available to the Emergency Control Organisation which includes Chief Warden and Area/Floor Warden attendance. These sessions will ensure all participants understand their roles and responsibilities in an emergency. We consultants will prepare this team for emergency exercises including but not limited to evacuation, shelter in place and/or active/armed offender to name a few.


With the knowledge gained from the Warden Awareness Session, the team will be put through a series of exercises to test the emergency response plans and to build staff confidence. Our consultants will observe the effectiveness of the response and provide feedback via a debrief session after each exercise.


Fire / Smoke Exercise

The below images are of a fire / smoke scenario conducted at a client’s premises in which an industrial smoke machine was utilised to create the scene of a smoke-filled area prior to the exercise commencing. We believe the more realistic the scenario, the better prepared your team will be.

Active / Armed Offender Exercise

The below image was taken prior to an exercise which included an “Armed/Active Shooter” and “Medical” response. CPR Manikins in addition to participants were used to increase the number of injured casualties and to test the first aid capabilities of the response team.

Post Exercise Reporting

Observations, lessons learnt and recommendations from the training and exercises will be presented in a detailed report which the organisation will receive post-training. Recommendations will be included in the final report so that organisations can better prepare and fine tune their skills.

Our consultants are with you all the way from design to delivery of your emergency management process and even thereafter. We are here to answer any questions you may have with our Australian Call Centre 24 hours / 7 days a week.

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