Emergency Evacuation Diagrams

“Clear, Quality and Easy to Interpret Evacuation Diagrams”

Building managers and property owners are responsible for implementing, maintaining fire safety systems and emergency response procedures are compliant under Australian Standard 3745 – 2010: Planning for emergencies in facilities.

Our emergency management consultants have the capability to implement and/or review evacuation diagrams to ensure they are fully compliant and are accurate.

Our team can put together clear and easy to interpret signage that will assist our client’s venue staff and management team during an evacuation. Some examples of our diagrams are shown below:

Site Visit

Our emergency management consultants will be available to attend your facility to assist in the following decision making areas:

  • Determine the number and location of emergency evacuation diagrams that would be required

  • Verify the information provided on plans that has been submitted

  • Recommend any changes to make the diagrams more efficient and easy to interpret in an emergency.

No CAD Drawings? No Problem

Some venues might not be able to locate the original CAD floor plans of their facility. This is not an issue as our team can provide the following solutions:

  • Use the existing electronic files that our clients have (that are not CAD) and have our team create useable files (DWG format) at a fraction of the normal price. Clients will receive these files to keep on hand for future use. OR

  • We can send out our creative team to measure and draw up plans from scratch and provide final files (DWG and PDF formats).

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