Loss Prevention

“We Have The Capability To Conduct A Full Risk Analysis On Your Retail Location”

Vital Protection Group can provide loss prevention officers who operate in many diverse outdoor and indoor environments. Their shared expertise includes excellent communication and people skills, undercover operations, and a wide depth of knowledge on apprehension procedures.

We have the capability to conduct a full risk analysis on your retail location and thereby propose and implement a preventative theft strategy in which uniformed or plain clothes officers can be supplied on a short or long term basis.

Our loss prevention team can operate in the following areas:

• Carpark and Automotive Theft

• Shopping and Retail Theft

• Undercover Detection Services

Surveillance Technologies

Closed Circuit Television systems, are most effective when combined with on the floor prevention personnel. Our officers are trained in common surveillance systems and can monitor cameras located strategically throughout your venue/retail store to detect and dispatch the relevant personnel to intervene.

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