VIP/Executive Protection

“Not Your Average Bodyguard Service”

At Vital Protection Group, we don’t just provide a bodyguard service, but an overall risk solution to ensure our specialist team can ‘prepare and respond’ to any threat to our clients including celebrities, athletes, diplomats, news correspondents and CEO’s. We achieve this by advanced preparation and planning, information / intelligence gathering and liaising with local authorities through our extensive network.

With years of experience in the public and private sectors, our protection team have backgrounds in security, law enforcement and military within Australia and abroad. Using only qualified, experienced and licensed officers, our goal is to deliver a professional yet effective service to ensure our clients are not exposed to harm by having a protection plan in place.

Our protection team undergo various assessments prior to employment including but not limited to fitness, psychometric and drug and alcohol screening. Through our in-house training programs this elite unit are also trained in Advanced First Aid skills to ensure our clients get immediate lifesaving medical attention until transported to hospital. This is especially critical if our clients may be suffering from an existing medical condition. As a risk mitigation measure, all our vehicles are equipped with lifesaving equipment including:

  • Defibrillator/Cardiac Monitors (AED)

  • Emergency Medical Oxygen

  • Medical Trauma Kits with Emergency Medications

  • Advanced Airway Access Equipment

Our handpicked protection professionals are also trained in:

  • Risk assessment and controls

  • Emergency management

  • Conflict negotiation

  • Close quarter combat

  • Weapons and tactics

  • Defensive driving

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